If you live in a mobile home, you will need to have a good source of heat. Mobile homes tend to lack good insulation, so you may get very cold, even when it isn't the winter season. Here are some different types of heaters you can use in a mobile home.

Space Heater

If you want something portable that doesn't require any type of installation, you can use a space heater. Keep in mind that this will only heat up the area you are in, and won't extend beyond that room. It is good when you simply want heat in your bedroom before you go to sleep or when you are relaxing in the living room. There are different sizes, so some are more portable than others. They are affordable enough to where you can get one for every room in your home without spending too much. The downside is that it isn't good for leaving on all night when it gets cold, as this might not be safe to do.


You can also get a furnace installed in your mobile home. You do need ducts installed in the home, but it requires a little less work than a traditional central heating system. It might cost a little less to have a furnace installed in a mobile home than a traditional single family dwelling since it is smaller, so a smaller furnace is required. After having the ducts installed, you will choose the fuel source for the furnace, such as gas or electrical. You might place it inside a closet, on the floor of the living room, or get a wall unit. They are usually placed in a closet where they are kept out of the way.

Heat Pump

Your last option for getting heat in your mobile home is with a simple heat pump system. This is typically part of a unit that also has an air conditioner, such as a split system. It doesn't require going through the ducts of your home, but provides more consistent heat than a space heater. When you want good heat without the extensive installation of a furnace, it is a great option. The heat pump works by taking hot air from outdoors and bringing it inside. It reverses when it is hot outside, so that you only get cold air coming inside.

Consult an heating technician to talk about your options and help you decide which heater will be best for you.